On A Quest: What is This?

This week I am calling on all of you for a favor. I really need help. I used this particular stitch about 3 years ago to make a bag for my yoga mat. At the time, I was new to Pinterest and Pinterest would not save websites if they did not contain a “pin-able image.” I have no idea where I found the stitch pattern, what it was called or who created it. I know I can figure out the pattern by looking at my existing piece, but that will not allow me to credit the creator, or see if they allowed items created from it to be sold, etc. I have spent several hours over the last month or two trying to find the website or even just a name for the stitch because I really do like it and would like to use it for items in my store. If you have ever seen it before, know what it is called, or who created it, please let me know! For those of you who have crochet blogs, if you have no idea either, if you would be willing to reblog this post to help me find it, I would be extremely grateful!

Mystery Stitch.png

One last question for today: what is your favorite yarn for making a lightweight blanket? I am planning a Corner to Corner Graphgan for my son and I am looking for cooler yarns that still come in a wide variety of colors. What is your go to yarn?


Thank you for any help, suggestions or reblogs!

2 thoughts on “On A Quest: What is This?

  1. That is a lovely stitch pattern. I think it’s fantastic that you want to find the designer to give credit, but I wouldn’t let it stop me from selling my makes. I don’t understand why anyone would release a free pattern and then say ‘oh you can’t sell anything made with this pattern’ that just seems rude and ridiculous to me. The way I see it many crochet patterns are like recipes – you can’t throw a chicken, water and rice in a pot and say you invented chicken soup. That’s just my opinion – again it’s great to want to credit the person that originally came up with this specific stitch pattern but whatever you make using it is all YOUR design. You would never worry about selling something you made using a Pineapple stitch pattern or a Fans or Shells stitch pattern so I think this it the same kind of thing. đŸ˜€

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